Message from the representative


 The Ohama Group started as a temporary staffing business, and has always developed business in various fields related to “living” from the customer's point of view. With the general construction industry as the unwavering leader, the distribution business, renewal business, restaurant business, hotel business, farm business, welfare business, foreign skills intern student acceptance business, overseas business, travel agency business, and so on for about half a century. The leaves have been stretched. It continues to run without stopping in order to continue to grow into a truly needed group with the goal of becoming “happy” for employees, staff, group companies and business partners, and even the entire region. With the declining birthrate and aging population and globalization, the environment surrounding us is only getting tougher. We will build a foundation for the future, aiming to be the best partner to continue to serve you, while creating an environment in which young people who will lead the future can play an active part. Thank you for your continued patronage.