Management philosophy

A pleasure for our customers
Make employees happy
Prosperity of the company
Contributing to society

With the roots of Ohama Setsuo, founded in 1970 by Showa 45,
Ohama Group will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. The core construction company of the general construction industry, Ohama Co., Ltd. , is not only construction and civil engineering but also 15 businesses including food and drink, hotel, distribution, agriculture (farm), travel agency, overseas business, and acceptance of foreign technical interns. We are expanding in various ways, but all are pushing forward to daily work with all intent "I want to see the face of the customer's delight".
While the group's proud craftsmen contribute to the prosperity of the customer the technology that the customer needs, we are accumulating self-study. With the conviction that growing together can lead to the happiness of our employees , we will move forward without stopping.
We will continue to share our customers' hopes and dreams, and pledge to continue opening up new “ways” for the next generation that will create Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan and the world.

Words of group

We do
our customres.

We, the Ohama Group, are always in the position of customers and are engaged in daily work.
Determining what customers are looking for and having troubles and supporting them leads to their prosperity.
Always stay close to customers..Increase the ability to predict and We will continue to act towards realization.