CSR[ CSR Activities ]

As a company, the Ohama Group not only contributes to customers but also actively promotes social contribution activities based on the desire to serve the needs of society.

We are supporting the "Aiming to create various caring spaces where people with disabilities and healthy people can live together happily," promoted by "NPO Hato Space" (Fukuoka City Higashi Ward). In particular, with regard to “Drunk Driving Zero Activities,” we have dispatched employees to street activities that Mr. Hato Space is doing in Fukuoka City and other locations, and are actively engaged.

At the “Social Welfare Corporation Nonohanagakuen Fuyo Gakuen” located near the head office, we participate in annual Christmas meetings, Mochitsuki, etc. and maintain parking lots. The “Social Welfare Corporation Children's Nursing Home Fukuoka Childcare Center” deepens exchanges with children by giving out presents and holding skits and magics by employee volunteers, entitled “Oyako Christmas Party”

In addition, as a new attempt, with the cooperation of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Keizo Kawashima and Settsu Seito, we held a baseball school for Japanese schools and children in Indonesia in 2017. Mr. Kawashima has also appeared in the posters of the campaign to eradicate alcohol consumption, and I hope that such activities can be extended in the future.

Fuyo Gakuen Christmas Party

Indonesia Baseball Classroom

Fukuoka nursery school