Ohama Group

The Ohama Group is Global Founding City from Fukuoka to the World

The Group, which will soon be in business for 50 years, has walked along with the growth of the city in Fukuoka. Starting with the “Ohama-gumi”, which makes construction a living business, it has developed a wide range of businesses such as agriculture, food and drink, and hotel businesses to date

In recent years, we have opened bases in major cities in Asian countries , mainly in Fukuoka, and have further expanded our base. We aim to contribute to people and society based on our global operations in Asian countries as well as in Japan, and aim to be a company that continues to innovate for the next 50 years .


  • 大濱組
  • 大濱住建
  • インクリエイト
  • がね屋
  • アールイン博多
  • おおはまファーム
  • みんなの介護サポート
  • 株式会社ツアーズトラベル
  • グローバル協同組合
  • セントラルワーク協同組合
  • アールジャパン
  • Ohama Raya Indonesia
  • Ohama Vietnam
  • Ohama Mongolia
  • Ohama Singapore

Ohama group to look at with numbers.

Founded 1970/SHOWA 45
Overseas business
0countries in Asia
(including3 countries
in preparation)
Group sales ※2018年連結
0 yen
Group company
Numbers of employees
maximum years of service :since 1970
Marriage rate
0 %
Number of childrenof employees
Divorce experience rate
0 %
Employees gender rate

Management philosophy

Joy to our customers and hapiness to our employees contributing to the prosperity of the company and society,

we also become only the customers everything will do the job.


Business Area

We are developing business in various fields related to "living" based on general construction industry.
We will continue to strive to be a company that can contribute to the "happiness" of the entire community and continue to challenge the world from Fukuoka.


President philosophy.

With corporate price improvement
A leap to a global company

Respond sensitively to changes to society,
With strengthing technology
We aim to build more trusting relationships.


The “Asia Baseball Clinic Returns” was held on December 9, 2018, at the stadium of Sunayan, Central Jakarta, to convey the fun of baseball and to improve the level of Indonesian baseball. For the second time in a baseball class, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, Keizo Kawashima and Shuhei Fukuda, participated.
Ohama group Christmas party was held at Fukuoka nursery school. It was a great success, with offerings such as 200% of Shiromiya, TT brothers, USA dances and giving out presents.
Every year, it's a fun to see the growth of the children.
On September 19, 2018, we harvested rice at our group company, Ohama Farm's paddy rice business. This year was a year when we were bothered by rain, but we had a successful harvest.
Please look forward to the arrival of the rice by everyone.
On September 4th, 2018, Waga group company delivered the 8 t concrete pump car delivery system of the Ohama group. Furthermore, I think that I can improve the mobility and deliver the highest satisfaction to customers. At the safety prayer at Kashiwazaki Palace, all the staff made a wish that there was no accident.